Thursday, April 26, 2012

For my next challenge...

Now that the Smithson gala is behind me, it's time to focus on my next sewing and crafting challenge.

Once again, my daughter and I will be going to Otakon, the big anime convention in Baltimore. We had so much fun last year that we're doing it again! But we need new costumes. And this year, my son Ian is going to join us as well.
Diana made the suggestion that we choose a theme, and have costumes that fit the theme. Her first thought was "1980s kids cartoons", and thought that Ian would make a great "Inspector Gadget." But then we couldn't quite come up with good costume ideas for the two of us. I thought I could go as Velma from "Scooby Doo" since it was the only female character I could think of who wasn't built like Barbie.
After much back and forth, the three of us agreed on a theme and what we wanted to do for costumes. So I went to the web and started finding reference pictures:

Yep, we're going as Disney Villains!

The costumes will present some interesting challenges, not the least of which will be that Diana will be wearing a fur coat in the middle of summer. But I'm going to have fun with these! Luckily I have three months to pull them together. All the main patterns will be drafted with PMB, of course, which will be easy for Diana's Cruella costume, but doing Jafar and Maleficent will present more challenges.

Main issues:
  • Cruella's coat: making it fluffy without being stiflingly hot
  • Cruella's handbag: finding faux arctic fox tails that aren't too expensive
  • Jafar's headpiece: how to make it big and poufy without making it top-heavy
  • Jafar's staff: making the eyes glow (Ian says he and his dad will work on that!)
  • Jafar's shoulder pieces: making them stiff without being unwieldy
  • Maleficent's headpiece: shaping the horns
  • Maleficent's staff: making the glowing orb

As always, suggestions are welcomed, as are links to similar costumes so I can see how other people did the same thing!


  1. Welmoed, you are so creative AND ambitious. I'm impressed!

    Sue C

  2. Love the sheath.
    Thinking felting wool into the foxtails may an inexpensive way to go for the purse. and there is a new interfacing (Innspire) that is heat moldable, seen in Nancy's Notions, and Keepsake quilting, so if you found 'horns' to mold it...
    I love seeing your costumes the past couple of years! Have fun
    Freeport TX

  3. Also you can knit and/or crochet then felt the purse as well. An LED inside a Green(ish) frosted Glass Ornament should work for the Glowing orb. Use the same Innspire to make Jafar's shoulder pieces and maybe even the headpiece?
    That's all I have to add.

  4. In addition to the felting wool for the foxtails, use a fluffy felt (try Hobby Lobby) to make the purse or if you have the time, knit or crochet then felt one yourself in fuzzy yarn.
    For the Glowing Orb, try an LED light in a Glass orb that has been painted or frosted with the right color paint. The battery should last several hours or you can also find them with switches. But they take a while to come to full light. Dearly Beloved found mine at an Electrical Supply store. I used them to make Scary Pumpkins.
    For Jafar's shoulders and headress: try using the aforementioned Innspire. It should provide the stiffness and poufy-ness that you want with out the weight and unstable-ness.


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