Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Otakon 2012: Cruella is DONE!

One down, two to go. I finished all the details of Diana's Cruella DeVil costume and I'm quite happy with how it all worked out.
The coat was really the last stumbling block. We couldn't find any decent faux fur at the fabric store (well, at least none that were in our price range!). Diana found an inexpensive coat online for under $30 and bought it as a "just in case". It looked truly awful, and would have required adding a red lining.
Then, last week, my neighbor was at a flea market and texted me that a vendor had some white faux fur fabric for sale; would a bit over 2 yards be enough? For $10? Buy it, I told her. When she brought it over, I saw that it was just perfect: a medium-pile faux mink, 60 inches wide. After doing some quick drafting with PatternMaster and laying it out with their included Yardage Calculator, I saw to my delight that I could, indeed, get a 42" long coat out of two yards... providing I used some of the purchased jacket as the undercollar.
After a quick muslin to check the overall draft, the construction of the coat was pretty straightforward. I also added some zippered pockets to the lining (per Diana's request).
So her costume is done, and this afternoon she braved the 95-degree heat in her new fur coat and wig so I could get pictures.

You can just see the red coat lining peeking out!

She plans to have the coat slouched down from her shoulders most of the time. The puppy purse really finishes the outfit!

The red lining... sewn entirely by machine! The only hand-stitching is to tack the facing down in a few places so it doesn't roll out. I'm not thrilled with the inside lining hem but hey... it's a costume!

'Oh yes, Dahling, I just LOVE my furs!!"

The back view of the dress, showing the pleated godet. The little red bow is actually just snapped on, and she wants me to make a few extra bows in different colors, so she can change them when she wants a different look.

So, that's one costume complete and ready to go out the door! I'm really quite happy with how the coat turned out; it's the first time I've worked with faux fur for a garment; my last experience was making a fur throw and that's just a totally different level.

Now it's back to the sewing room to get cracking on Ian's Jafar robe and headpiece.


  1. wow, that's spectacular (and well done, Diana, braving that heat in such a delicious warm costume).


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