Sunday, July 15, 2012

Otakon 2012: Cruella's Purse

Part of the iconic Cruella deVil costume is her fur purse:

For the last month, I've been haunting thrift shops and yard sales, hoping to stumble across a white fur purse, or some fox tails. No such luck. I was starting to worry that Diana would just have to do without a purse for her costume, when I ran across this little cutie at a local flea market.

It's a "FurReal Friends GoGo My Walking Pet." If you flip a switch on its underside, it barks, wags its tail, and comes to you when you call it.
"But wait," you may be thinking, "That's not a purse!" Very true. But I saw the lovely, long white fur and thought that maybe, just maybe, I could make a purse out of it.
(My apologies to all you dog lovers out there... but hey, it's a toy!!!)

Luckily, the fur was not glued onto the frame; it was held down by plastic flanges and cable ties. About a zillion itty bitty screws later, it came off in pretty much four pieces: the body, the head, and the two front legs.
And what was left after the fur was removed? This extremely creepy looking thing. We call it "Zombie Dog."

Now that I had the "fabric" for the purse, it was time to figure out how to make it all work. Diana and I figured it would be best to really make it obvious this used to be a dog: I kept the tail on, and added the two ears on top. The lining is some leftover silk dupioni, and I added a zippered pocket and a divider (as requested by Diana). For the strap, I was lucky enough to find a single long, white strip of leather in my stash. Once I had all the pieces in place, it actually went together quite quickly.

Looks like a puppy, right? I figured the ribbons on the ears was the finishing touch.

Here's the inside:
It's held closed with two magnets.

Diana has pronounced it "PERFECT!!!"

No, I didn't use a pattern... I was pretty much limited by the shape of the body as it came off the frame. The back side is a piece of shorter-nap fake fur as the dog didn't yield enough fur for both sides. But it actually helps the purse lay flatter against her body. I just free-handed the outline of the back and the insides; after all, this is for a costume and only has to last a few days.

So, one more aspect of the Otakon costumes is done. Next up on the list is finishing Jafar's headpiece. I'm hoping to make progress on it today!

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  1. I am completely torn between admiration for your cleverness and horror at your ghoulishness! Did the lining have to be blood red?
    Seriously, though, great job!


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