Thursday, August 9, 2012

Back to Regular Sewing: Wool Riding Skirt

I'm a sucker for sewing things for my daughter. She loves good quality clothes and is always delighted to get something custom made. She also knows that I love the challenges she presents me (usually).
She was actually a little hesitant to give me this request, seeing as how I was still recovering from all the Otakon sewing. But she sent me a link to this skirt:

She asked me if I could replicate it. After looking closely at the pictures, I concluded that it was a simple A-line skirt with a button-loop front closure. And it sure looks like a topstitched hem! With the belt in place I couldn't tell if it had a waistband or facing at the top.
After discussing it with Diana, we agreed on a flared gored skirt with a regular button closure and a contoured waistband. So I made the pattern with PatternMaster Boutique (of course) and made the muslin.

Either she's getting less picky or I'm getting better at sewing for her, because she said it's perfect and gave the go-ahead to make the final version. I don't have any of the right wool in my stash (much to my surprise), so will make one out of a lightweight denim first. It won't be ready by the time she heads back to college (on Saturday!!) but I'll send it to her when it's done.
I will look for the wool when I'm in New York City in September; I've signed up for the Shop the Garment District Speakeasy Tour. I'm really looking forward to finding some more interesting shops and doing my part to keep the garment district alive! (Anything else I should do while I'm in the city? I've got a free day!)


  1. I love that shape- so feminine and classic.

  2. I'd like a skirt like that - looks like you nailed it. The original looks like four panels, very full. Hmmmmmmmm. Time to measure me soon, methinks.

  3. Can't wait to see the finished product(s)!


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