Monday, September 24, 2012

Another yard sale find (or flop?)

Yesterday I was out running errands with my hubby when he spotted a sign for a yard sale and suggested we check it out (isn't he great? I'm so lucky).

He was happy because he scored two propane cylinders for $2 each. And I'm happy because he spotted this:

It's a Vaporella 2h Professional steam iron! These things usually run upwards of $200 or so, and I managed to snag it for $20. Why?

Because this is what the plug looks like. It's a European 220-volt. So I have no way of knowing whether it works or not. But Bob has reassured me that he can make it work.

This is an American 240-volt plug. Bob will replace the plug on the iron, and will run a 240-volt circuit up to my sewing room (once we've tested the iron to make sure it actually works, that is!).

So, it remains to be seen whether or not this is a find, or a flop!

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  1. That is an amazing iron! Let us know if it works - I bet it does and someone (not as smart as your husband) didn't know you could convert the plug. I think it's a FIND!


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