Friday, October 19, 2012

A change in my office

I've been reading a lot lately about the hazards of sitting for long periods of time. And that's exactly what I do at work: sit at the computer. So I decided to give a standing desk a try. All it took was a $20 LACK table from IKEA and a willingness to try something completely different.

Here's my office before the changeover:

My office isn't a big room, and that chair really occupied a lot of real estate. Plus, the desk I use (another IKEA table) has no drawers. The cabinet to the right was a recent addition, trying to tame the chaos.

After a few hours of rearranging, this is how it looks now:

It feels very weird to be standing and typing, and I can already tell that my legs are going to need a few days to adjust to the new demands placed on them. But it is doing wonders for my posture; it really isn't possible to slouch when standing at a computer (although I suspect I'll figure out a way pretty soon).

There's still a lot to be done to organize other areas of the office, but I'm taking it slow and not trying to change everything at once. Baby steps!

Do any of you use a standing desk? If so, how do you like it?


  1. Now , this is new! A standing desk? Such a unique workspace solution . Thank you for sharing.

  2. Cheers to a successful office revamp! Working while standing isn't so bad since it is in fact beneficial to the health. Good idea. :)


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