Saturday, November 24, 2012

A little baking.. er, sewing

This is a project that has been patiently awaiting its turn in my sewing room. I got the idea a few months ago, bought the fabric, and promptly let it all ferment. Finally, yesterday its turn came, and now I can cross one more thing off my UFO list (or would it be the USO list, for Un Started Objects?).

I wish I could remember where I first saw these, but I thought they were just the cutest thing. The cherry fabric really isn't "right", but it's what I found.

The lattice strips are woven like a real pie, and stitched down just to the Insulbright layer under the cherry "filling".

The back is padded with a layer of drapery interlining called "bump", which is 100% cotton. The layers are then joined with a strip of the same crust fabric.

The "test" potholder I made was quilted through all the layers, which made it very stiff, which is why these are just quilted through the top to keep the lattice strips in place. The strips are just tubes of fabric, turned and pressed with the seam down the middle of the back (love my Fasturn!).

These will look fun in my kitchen! And they were really easy to make. I got four out of a yard of the crust fabric and half a yard of the cherry fabric. They're about 11" in diameter. The strips for the lattice and the binding were cut at 3" wide.


  1. Welmoed, these are fantastic! I may just have to steal your idea (or whoever's it was originally!) to make some for Christmas gifts. What fun!

  2. These are really great, what a cool idea! I wonder if any other desserts would work?

  3. Holy Crow I love these!! Can't wait to make some :) How cute.


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