Friday, November 23, 2012

Uncomplicated sewing

Sometimes it's nice to just be able to put together a pattern and not have to think too much about it. This was one of those times. There's been a lot going on at the home front, so I wanted to escape to the sewing room and make something for myself that wasn't too taxing, yet was still gratifying.
I really love the blue chambray sheath dress I made for myself earlier this year, and wondered whether the pattern would work for a knit. So I redrafted it with a flared hem and made it up in a medium-weight knit from my stash.
Verdict: Yep, it works for a knit, with a few modifications. I stabilized the pocket piece with a fusible stabilizer to prevent future baggy pockets, and also stabilized the pocket edge with a decorative stitch to make sure it didn't stretch out. And since I didn't have thread that matched exactly, I used a contrasting thread for both the decorative stitching and the hemming.

Front view:

And the back view:

Here's a close-up of the pocket edge:

I did the stitching on my trusty Viking 1+, which I recently set up on its own table in the workroom. Now I've got six machines set up and ready to sew, which is probably overkill, but I do love having a choice of machines.
The only real issue I had with this dress was with the neck and armhole binding. I used a strip of the same knit fabric, and it doesn't lay flat. I'm going to attribute that to the fact that I didn't stretch it out enough as I was sewing it. But no matter; it's quite comfortable and I plan to wear it a lot. It has some ease in the top, as I plan to wear it over turtlenecks (as shown here) during the coming cold months.

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