Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Non-Sewing: Don't Blink!

We're finally getting some snow here in Maryland (it's been two years since our last measurable snowfall!), and my daughter Diana got the day off from work since the cat clinic where she works was closed for the day. So she and her fiance Alex took advantage of the opportunity to have some fun!

However... Should I now be scared to open the door?

Doctor. Who fans will appreciate this one the most.

Yes, indeed, that is a Weeping (Snow) Angel.

Diana also made a Snow Cat to keep it company.


  1. We just got a trace, but I enjoyed the day off!

  2. That's so cool! (hah, pun intended) We got between one to two feet here in mid Shenandoah Valley (fifteen inches in our back yard). Yeah!... but no weeping snow angels.

  3. Congratulations to Diana and Alex! Will you be making her wedding gown and hopefully, if you do, will you be blogging about it?

    1. LOL! Diana and I are still trying to hash that one out. She has very specific ideas about a dress. Luckily the wedding is still a ways off (no specific date set yet), so there's time! But you bet, I'll be writing about it if she does entrust me to the task!


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