Monday, August 5, 2013

Otakon 2013: Pirates vs. Jedis

Busy, busy day today!! Two costumes are 99% done; just some very minor tweaking and fine tuning needed.

Captain Hook

Ian decided to go as Captain Hook from "Peter Pan" this year. Fortunately, this is actually a pretty simple costume, without much frill or ornamentation. The most fiddly element was the hat; it took some experimentation to get the brim to stay in the proper position. The winning solution: shape some clothes hanger wire to the proper curve, then sew it in place inside a bias binding edge. Worked like a charm. The rest of the brim is stiffened with Timtex.
Ian made the sword himself, out of a piece of PVC pipe and half a toy ball. He wanted to look as close as the cartoon version as he could. The only thing missing from this picture are the flaps on the front of the shoes, and the ostrich plume on the hat. He also has an old-fashioned alarm clock as a prop for photos.
My only beef is that the hook prop is really too small for his hand, and I'm trying to figure out what to do about it. Maybe some kind of soft leather cover? I have some time to play around with it.

Qui Gon Jinn

Bob really doesn't know what he's in for. I'm very happy with how his costume turned out; I just need to take in the pants a little bit.
Here's the full get-up. The poor guy is wearing four top layers.

A view with the hood down:
This is probably how he'll wear the robe most of the time.

And a view without the robe:
The only thing left to do is figure out how to attach that stupid light saber to his belt! It may end up getting clipped on, even though that's not terribly "accurate." We do what we can.

Everything for these costumes was drafted using Wild Ginger's Tailor Made software, so fitting was a breeze.
I now have two more work days for getting the remaining two costumes completed. So far, so good!


  1. Wow, terrific looks, and I must say, Bob looks great with that hood up. I can't wait to see Diana's costume now. Thanks so much for sharing, and you are a very talented costume maker.


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