Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Sewing for me: Trumpet Skirt

Happy National Sewing Month! To celebrate, I'm finally, finally getting around to sewing some new wardrobe staples! This weekend I started a new skirt and finished it this afternoon. I'm really quite happy with it; it's modeled after a skirt I bought years and years ago and it's still hanging in my closet even though it's about four sizes too small (hey, I can dream!). The original is a khaki twill, but I decided to make it out of a denim that's been aging in my stash.
It was drafted with PatternMaster Boutique. The settings are: gored skirt, flare of 10, flare depth of 12, length 32. I had drafted inseam pockets, but at the last minute decided to have patch pockets on the front side panels, so those were just done manually.
Every seam was sewn, then serged, then pressed to one side and topstitched twice. Boy, did that add to the construction time! But I'm very happy with the look. Since I used blue denim, I used the traditional gold thread for the topstitching.
Here's the back view:
The center back seam was pressed open, and the seam topstitched on either side of the open seam, all the way up to the waistband. The buttonhole is a little wonky; I didn't make it quite long enough for the jeans button, so had to clip through the end stitching to get the button to go through. I'll fix it by hand... eventually.

Pocket close-up:
All I did for the pocket was to trace the shape of the side front panel and cut off a corner of it. The corner was turned down and topstitched, and then the pocket was stitched to the side piece at the bottom edge. The rest of the pocket is caught in the two vertical seams and the waistband.
I'll be making more of these, in different fabric weights, because I really love wearing skirts. This one will have to go through the wash a few times to soften it up, though... it's pretty stiff right now.


  1. I love the pockets! And your topstitching looks perfect!

  2. Great job. Can't wait to see it up close!


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