Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Smithson 2013: Bolero Jacket Muslin

Thanks to the ladies from my PatternMaster Users Group, I got a good idea on what to do for a cover-up. I drafted a bolero jacket with two-part sleeves. And by golly, I think we have a winner!

The sleeves need a little tweaking, but that's about it! The outer shell will be the red suede-like fabric, and it will be lined in the dress fabric. I will probably bind it all the way around with a narrow black bias binding, and will also have black cording along the top edge of the dress.

Back view:
I really like the longer sleeves; at first I was thinking I would shorten them to 3/4, but I will keep them long. Not as long as this, though... I'll take about 4" off. I also need to add a bit of room in the upper arm. But aside from these few tweaks, it feels great!

Due to previous obligations, I won't be spending any time in the sewing room until next Monday. The gala is next Saturday the 28th. I'll have just a few days to sew the final dress, the bolero, Bob's vest and tie, and re-cover my clutch purse and possibly a pair of shoes. And pick out jewelry: I need to check my jewelry box for nature-themed stuff. Not sure what I've got in there!

Thanks to everyone for your comments and suggestions. I really do appreciate the input!


  1. That will look great! I like the bolero.

  2. I love the proportions on you. It is so flattering. I'm sending some sewing elves to help you with the short sewing timeline. ;-)


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