Sunday, January 5, 2014

Jumping into January with a bold plan!

Happy new year!! Yeah, yeah, I'm late to the party...
I don't feel like I actually sewed very much in the past year. Sure, I had some big projects, but it all felt like I was focused on special-event stuff (costumes, Smithson gown, etc.). This year, I want to work on regular sewing, with an emphasis on stretching my skill set and challenging myself to make more of my clothing.
To that end, I've signed up for two separate challenges this year. The first is a "Ready to Wear Fast" for all of 2014: I have pledged not to purchase any RTW garments (except socks and undergarments). If I need an article of clothing, I will have to make it. How's that for a challenge!
The second is that I have joined a Make a Garment A Month challenge(MAGAMC). I've intended to do this before, but this time I'm joining a group to hold me accountable. Not that I'll be punished or anything for failing to keep up, but just knowing I'll be expected to post about my projects should be enough to inspire me!
My January Project
I've never had a warm winter coat that I was entirely happy with. Either the fit isn't right, or the sleeves don't sit in the right place, or the collar pokes my chin, or it's too long or too short. So it's time to make my own!
My husband had a Barn Coat from LL Bean that he adored, and it had some great features: toasty lining, big pockets, and it wore like iron. He's been after me to duplicate it, so I'm going to make one for myself to test the pattern before I make one for him.
I found a pattern that was pretty close to what I wanted: Green Pepper's Frenchglen Barn Jacket.

Unfortunately, my local Joanns doesn't carry this pattern. And besides, I was planning on using PatternMaster to draft the pattern. I'm pretty confident I can figure out how those pockets are done by looking at the drawing.

Here's the fabric and pattern, all ready to go. I'm going to make a muslin first, though, to make sure the fit is good. And if I like how the jacket looks, I will be making another one for my husband!
I'll be working on this jacket as my main project at the Virginia ASG Retreat in three weeks!


  1. Hi Welmoed, found your blog via MAGAM and hopped over to see what a barn jacket is. Can't wait to see the finished project! Good luck on your RTW fast. Groeten uit Nederland!

  2. I have an LLBean barn coat and love it- what fabric are you using-- a canvas type?? Mine is getting old !

  3. Hi Welmoed - no you will not be punished, I can assure you. This challenge is to work as a motivation blog :).

    I was curious as to what a Barn Jacket was as well - it looks a very wearable and useful outdoor garment. Good Luck

  4. I just started following you a little while ago. Now I see we are RTW 2014 compatriots AND ASG members! Yay us! I really like your barn coat. Might need to make myself one of those. I ordered this coat pattern from Hot Patterns:

    Not quite the same, but I am looking forward to making it up. Can't wait to see yours. I might need to order that Green Pepper pattern. I wore my barn coat out and then finally reall really had to let it go when the puppy chewed the cuffs.

    Happy Sewing!!

  5. I have a men's coat that I got from a yard sale some years ago. I love this barn coat! It is a soft denim on one side and a nice heavy weight flannel on the inside. It is reversible. It has nice pockets on both sides and sits nicely on the body. It is old school, for sure. It is so out of fashion, but it is soooo warm and comfortable! It looks a lot like the one that you seek to create.


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