Sunday, March 16, 2014

What every dangerously crafty person needs

I've been AWOL for a while; lots of stuff going on and none of it involves me in the sewing room (darn it!). But I had to get up there to make a gift for our annual PatternMaster Users Group gift exchange, which was supposed to happen in February but weather delayed our meeting until today. Not that I had a gift ready in February, of course... I didn't decide on what to make until yesterday.
When I did drapery work, one of my vital tools was my work apron. I made my original one from a pattern I got from Kitty Stein, one of the luminaries of the drapery world. She has since discontinued her pattern, but I still have my copy and continue to make them for myself (yes, they do wear out) and as gifts.
Everything from the apron came out of my stash, including the embroidery design from Urban Threads, which I've had since 2011 but hadn't yet used it on anything.

The pockets are made from a scrap of painter's dropcloth that I had trimmed a few months ago. The bias binding is from the aprons I made at the ASG Retreat in January and ended up not using.

The back side of the apron. The original pattern didn't call for lining or anything like that, but I felt that having an extra layer between the wearer and the drop cloth would be more comfortable. So I lined all three layers with drapery lining. The polyester webbing was stitched on with three lines of stitching, and I used a parachute buckle to fasten the belt. Since I didn't know who would be getting the apron, I made the belting 60" long so the recipient could trim it to length.
The apron is really simple to make, but it's such a handy thing to wear to hold thread snips, measuring tapes, chalk markers, scissors, and other sewing tools. I made one for myself to hold my home inspection tools too!
At today's meeting, I also picked up a lot of fabric that was donated to our local ASG chapter by the husband of a member who passed away. So now I have some luscious wools to add to my stash, and I really want to turn them into some wonderful garments.


  1. You're back! That's a very cute apron. I should make something like that for myself.

    1. Thanks, Leigh! I use my apron all the time; it's so handy in the workroom. And I have one that I use when I'm doing home inspections, to hold my various tools.


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