Friday, January 2, 2015

First sewing for 2015!

Not to skirt the issue, but... I need skirts.

I did a pretty thorough evaluation of my wardrobe a few weeks ago, and found that the biggest gap was in skirts. Lately I've fallen into a fashion rut, where my go-to outfit is a pair of jeans and a knit top. Safe, but boring. My resolution for 2015 is to break out of this pattern and start injecting some variety into my closet.
All last year I participated in two online challenges: the Make a Garment a Month challenge (which I failed at... I think I only sewed about five things for myself all year) and the Ready-To-Wear Fast (which I aced... Didn't buy a single item of RTW all year, much to my shock!).
But this doesn't mean I can now go on a shopping spree; both challenges have been extended into the new year, so if I want some new clothes, I'll have to make them.
So, I dug into my stash and produced a lovely piece of gray wool (source unknown; probably got it from a swap at a sewing retreat) and a piece of shocking pink silk to use as lining. The pattern was drafted with PatternMaster Boutique (as usual). Assembly was pretty straightforward; the outer wool pieces were edge-finished with the serger prior to construction, then everything was just stitched together. The lining pieces were serged.

The finished skirt!

Front view:

I'm standing kind of wonky, I realize... But really, the hem IS level.

Back view:


A peek at the lining!

The lining isn't attached to the outer fabric; it hangs free.

I'm very happy with how the hem came out.

Because of the curve of the hem, I elected to use a facing rather than trying to turn the fabric up. I stitched the hem tape to the top edge of the facing prior to attaching it. I then fused a strip of medium Pro-Weft interfacing to the outer fabric, and hand-stitched the hem, being careful not to go all the way through the outer fabric. This was a BIG hem... about ten feet around. It took me two full episodes of "Mission: Impossible" on Netflix to get it done.

A Skirt for Diana, Too

After much trepidation, I cut into the camel hair wool I bought ages ago to make a skirt for Diana. And once again, I was reminded that I really do know how to sew, and that sewing fine fabrics is actually a lot easier to sew with than crappy stuff.

It's the same draft as for my own skirt.

It's a big hem sweep.

The lining was from Chanel; I got it at A Fabric Place in Baltimore.

She's already worn it to work twice (I finished hers last week).

The nice thing about this skirt draft is that I can use it with a bodice pattern to make a dress, too.

Here's to more sewing for me in 2015! Happy new year!


  1. Good to see you back in the sewing saddle!

  2. The lining of your skirt is THE business, honey. I love it. It's exciting. Oh, and pockets are a must. I am hoping to add in-seam ones to many of my garments this year if the pattern does not call for them.



  3. Love your skirt.. The pretty lining is just perfect.. Happy sewing for you this year.

  4. Beautiful! So, I have a question. How do you do pockets with a lining? Somehow I think I should know but at this moment the thought is boggling my mind. Anyway, nice job! I'm impressed with your early start.

    1. The lining is cut from the same pattern as the outer fabric, but minus the pockets. The only connection point between the two is at the waistband. Think of it as a skirt inside a skirt. Hope this helps!

  5. What a gorgeous skirt - lovely pockets and lining - I agree with Lyric - a lovely inside which only you know about. Great pockets - and you can't beat a lovely gored skirt.

    And great idea to actually establish what you need - I've fallen into the same rut as you I am afraid and also want to get out of it :)

  6. Beautiful skirts. The fabrics are luscious and the skirts are dreamy.


  7. Nice skirt! And the lining is such fun!!

  8. I like how that skirt lays down and flows- you may have found the skirt pattern of my dreams!

  9. Beautiful skirts! Love the lining, very chic..

  10. Great work (love the lining on both)! On a side note, very jealous of your lovely green grass (it's Summer in Australia and all the grass is yellow and dry!)


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