Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Everyone needs their own Minion

A sewing group I belong to does an annual gift exchange at the February meeting, and this year I stumbled across Lady Joyceley's pattern and instructions for making a Minion pincushion. In case you're not familiar with Minions, they are the adorable little yellow sidekicks from the "Despicable Me" movie franchise.

Here's my completed pincushion:

It came out pretty well, but I did do things somewhat differently than the instructions said. There was also a LOT more hand-sewing involved than I had realized, and some of the instructions weren't terribly clear (like for the legs). The instructions said to embroider the mouth, but I cut a sliver of black felt and glued it on instead.

Another view:

The feet came out kind of wonky, but the recipient still loved it. While I'd love to make one for myself, it will have to wait until I have enough free time (hah!) to do it justice.


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